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A Beginner's Guide to Hemp Oil

Well I must admit that I had a negative veil covering anything to do with hemp oil or CBD products. This was simply because of lack of education and the fact that I equated it with marijuana and THC.

A week ago I was invited to an info session to learn more about an amazing hemp oil that has been changing people's lives. With some skepticism, I went to the meeting. I got to sample the oil, knowing that I may or may not feel immediate effects. Well it was a pretty instant relief of pain! And yes ladies, this worked wonders on my menstrual cramps/cycle!

I wanted to share some information with you about hemp oil, in case you are wearing the same veil I was. Open yourself to the power of hemp and how it can change your life!

What Is Hemp?

Cannabis has two species. Hemp is non-psychoactive, containing less than 0.3% of THC and Marijuana contains more than 20% THC, producing a "high".

What Benefits Does Hemp Oil Provide?

Our body has an Endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps regulate the central and peripheral nervous systems. Our body is capable of making it's own cannabinoids to stimulate the ECS but not always at efficient levels for optimal health. Adding a daily dose of Hemp oil is a great way to support this system without getting "high"

Some benefits you may see from daily Hemp oil use are: improved sleep, mood regulation, decreased pain and inflammation, hormone regulation, clear mind and focus and appetite control. I'm sure everyone out there would benefit in at least one of these areas!


This stuff is amazing! It is produced using a patented Nanotechnology making it 20x more bio-available than other hemp oil products. Bio-availability is the amount that is absorbed by the body. REMEDY has a bio-availability of over 90%. This gluten-free, full-spectrum Hemp oil has the power to change your life, one drop at a time!

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