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Swedish Massage

I am so passionate about the power of massage therapy in the area of pain management! At KTL Holistics you will find a treatment delivered in a way that you can experience both relaxation and therapeutic effects.

Massage Therapy Services


Relaxation Massage Therapy

Using Swedish Technique, this massage is for rest and relaxation. This type of massage is not designed to address chronic pain or deliver therapeutic results, but may help improve blood circulation, ease mild discomfort or improve flexibility.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

This deeper tissue massage is focused on prevention and repair of injury. Trigger point, myofascial technique and stretching are used to release tight muscle fibers, restore range of motion and maintain optimal functioning.

Back Massage
Pregnant Woman

Prenatal Massage Therapy

One of the safest modalities for pregnant women, massage therapy can be a valuable tool to make your pregnancy journey easier and more enjoyable.

Natural Health Services


Essential Oils

Pure, therapeutic essential oils can balance your mood, clear your mind, address minor pain and swelling, aid your digestion, disinfect your home naturally and improve the quality of your relaxation time. Rid your home of harmful chemicals and choose the natural way.


Hemp Oil

Adding a daily dose of Hemp Oil is a safe, natural way to support the natural occurring systems in your body. And because there are only trace amounts of THC, it’s non-psychoactive and doesn’t cause a high.

Kirsten Simmons


I am so passionate about taking a wholistic approach to massage therapy and wellness practices! I have seen and experienced, in many instances,  just how connected our body is.

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2013, but have been around health and wellness my whole life. Throughout my childhood, both of my parents instilled in me the important values that I apply to my treatments, such as the importance of integrity for well-being. Every day, I strive to both educate and heal my clients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives.

I have a passion for the power of massage therapy, essential oils and hemp oil in the areas of pain management and overall health benefits. As someone who has struggled with chronic pain, I understand how frustrating it can be when others can't see the level of your pain and treatment modalities are not effective.  I continue to seek education in various modalities and business models to provide top notch service to clients. I view my clients from a whole perspective, creating individualized care plans and treatments to help attain the needs and goals of each individual client.

I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, reading personal development books and creating natural products with essential oils.

Trusted Products and Services


Stacey G.

Kirsten is an amazing massage therapist.
She is always the best part of my week!! She listens to her patients and knows what they need.

Susan W.

Kirsten really cares about her clients and provides the best care possible. I highly recommend her. She has helped me tremendously and I’m so glad I found her!

Andy P.

Excellent therapist! Does a great job with me and my patients! Absolutely awesome!

Hot Stones Massage


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